Press Release – Lateral Drift on Pilipinas Got Talent Season 4


At the Start of this year Lateral Drift was invited to join Pilipinas Got Talent (PGT) by one of the associate directors in Abs-Cbn. He saw last year’s Lateral drift event in Quiruno grand stand and since this year the PGT viewers and judges are looking for talent that is somehow different from what they normally see every season. He decided to get in touch with Mon Rayos and invite Lateral Drift Production to join PGT season 4.

Lateral drift production took the opportunity to promote drifting here in the Philippines and tap its best drifters Gio Rodriguez and Ralph Tan of team Atoy Customs to demonstrate their skills in drifting. The group’s main goal is to expose drifting here in the Philippines and show the skill of the Filipino drivers.

It’s the first time PGT open its audition to entertainer or extreme talents that can only be preform it big spaces. They held open audition to everyone that was invited to join last February and we saw stunt bike riders, horse stunts, and other outdoor wire act people do. During the auditions Lateral drift impress the judges (Kris Aquino, Ai ai Delas Alas, and Freddie M. Garcia) and pass the first stage to be included in the circle of 100 talents of PGT. This 100 was cut to 36 and LD production was lucky to make it to the top 36.

The top 36 will be cut to 12 for the semi-finals and the competitor are group into 6 to perform in 6 weekends in front of the judges and only 2 will be pick per week to move to the semi-finals. The show has a televiewers vote in 24 hour SMS mechanics and the top 1 automatically moves to the semi-finals. 2 and 3 will have to perform for the judges to stay alive and move one to the semi-finals.

Last Saturday (May 11) was the live show in front of the judges and all six preformed, as LD was the last to perform. They added new tricks to highlight their talents, sponsored by Hyundai and Atoy customs they used the 2 Genesis Coupes in their performance and added the Hyundai EON to the stunt as they drift circles around it. Judges were amazed and telling the drifter that they are just like action stars. After the show the two drifters were instant stars as they got mob by the people watching asking for a photo with them. But we still had to wait the next day (Sunday) to see if the televiewers vote for LD productions.

Sunday, the team came short on votes but they are lucky to make it to 2&3 and battle to perform for a slot at the semis. They performed and wow the judges and live viewers once again. Judges called it unanimously and gave their vote to LD Productions. Saying this season we and our viewers wanted to see something different and this is it.

Team LD is part of the final 12 of PGT and on June 25-26 they will perform again live on PGT ABS-CBN on their road to the finals on June 2. Please support them and vote for themes on Pilipinas Got Talent. We hope that this will open more doors to support drifting and other motor sports.


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